Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bits and Pieces


Just a few new pieces to my Etsy:

The table numbers to coordinate with the bridal banners and wish tags

100_4026 (800x785)

A new Valentine card

100_4063 (800x600)

And more tags

100_4046 (800x600)

100_4035 (800x428)

100_4040 (800x600)

100_4047 (800x600)

Have a wonderful day.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday…..

For some beautiful pink blog posts, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. I’ve begun to do a little decorating for Valentine’s Day and of course what is better than candles …in pink of course.

100_4068 (800x600)

Happy Pink Saturday everyone.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cottage Colors Party

There’s a new party in town….


Etsy Cottage Style is now having a monthly Color Party beginning the 4th Monday of each month. This month’s color is blue. Pop on over and see some lovely blogs and blues.

My blues came about by accident really – as I’m not that much into them. But a friend gave me a bottle of wine in a beautiful cobalt blue with a wonderful dragonfly (one of my favorite things) label and I could not part with it.

000_0064 (800x600)

Now what am I suppose to do – it doesn’t really go with anything in my home. Interestingly enough I happened upon a garage sale and what did I find – a beautiful little blue and white bird – some type of lid I guess as you can tell there was at some point another piece to it – but I love birds and now I had something to go with my wine bottle.  Looks like I didn’t take a really good photo of it – it’s in the bottom left corner (and that old float is really a pretty shade of blue – but it also did not take a good photo.

000_0063 (800x600)

Here’s a better pic of the bird…

000_0071 (800x600)

Now you know, 2 things just are not symmetrical so now I had to have another piece and what did I find – a really old beat up white bowl with blue trim,  I’m not even sure how I came by it, but it was in a box of old dishes that I somehow inherited – now I had my 3 pieces and the beginning of a collection. It’s in the back against the wall. The little item to the bottom right is a broken and chipped – but I love it and had to have it – I have no idea what it is – maybe part of a child’s tea set?  It’s one of my favorites, and there’s a better photo below.

000_0062 (800x600)

000_0073 (800x600)

I’ve kept if fairly small contained in built in shelves in one of our bathrooms which has now been totally relegated to blues, creams/whites, and a soft latte color.

000_0065 (800x600)

000_0066 (800x600)

000_0067 (800x600)

000_0068 (800x600)

000_0069 (800x600)

000_0061 (800x600)

000_0070 (800x600)

Have a wonderful day.


Friday, January 21, 2011

To My Sweetheart

…..that’s how many of these cards are signed first by the admirer who eventually became the young woman’s husband. Aim was the young man’s name and he always called his “girl” sweetheart, my little girl, and my little wife. These are a treasured flea market find from a few years back.  They were produced by Paul Frederick Volland who founded The Volland Co. of Chicago in 1908. Only one has a date on the back – 1936, and it looks like maybe these all came in a box of assorted greeting cards as most of them have the same “look” and another thing they have in common – they all have “Pink” on them……

100_4010 (800x776)

100_4011 (678x800)

100_4012 (658x800)

100_4013 (697x800)

100_4015 (646x800)

100_4016 (692x800)

100_4017 (800x800)

100_4018 (770x800)

I love all the detail, the silver embossing, and the beautiful papers that look like an old moiré wallpaper or fabric.

And then of course, one of my own…..

100_4006 (800x600)

For some more lovely PINKS, pop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound.  Happy Pink Saturday friends…..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It’s sunny warm and gorgeous

……here in South Lake. Unbelievably beautiful weather here yesterday and today. We were and are suppose to be in the mid 50s yesterday and again today. It was so nice being outside cleaning up the front porch after the squirrels and blue jays. These little guys are so messy, but I love them so, and after all, they are just trying to find all the little treasures they buried in my pots during the Fall. I know we have a long ways to go before Spring, but what a joy to have a little sunshine and warmth.

Just a short post to let you know what new items I have posted in my Etsy…..

More tags

100_3874 (800x600)

100_3929 (800x600)

100_3931 (800x600)

And, Wedding Wish Tags to go with the Bride and Groom banners

100_3963 (800x586)

Happy day to everyone


Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

This is one of my favorite days. I love getting up early, making my coffee or tea, and spending some quiet time early in the morning visiting some so very beautiful blogs and such talented people.  Pop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound and be inspired. Thank you Beverly for all that you do in hosting Pink Saturday for us.

Some of my pinks today come from the shop here in town that I do design work for – Lake Tahoe Holidays. The shop is a year round Christmas shop and covers all of the other holidays as well. Keri has a great eye and I love working with her.  These are just a couple of her Valentine items. The cupcake is really cute, and I LOVE the flamingo. IRL this flamingo is bright pink and very whimsical.  I think I have to have it!!!

IMG_20110113_124751 (598x800)

And then there’s this pretty crackle glass heart….

IMG_20110113_124902 (598x800)

And one more….sometimes I wish I was a little girl!

IMG_20110113_130157 (800x598)

And lastly a couple more Valentine items for my Etsy… There are more photos there so you would be able to see the individual tag images.

100_3919 (800x600)

100_3922 (800x600)

Have a wonderful and Happy Pink Saturday!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

To My Sweetheart

……is the sentiment on this beautiful vintage image.

100_3897 (641x800)

Sweet blue birds tied with beautiful blue seam binding

100_3909 (800x600)

A vintage bride pennant banner for the back of her chair at the reception, or gracing the wall behind her along with one for the groom as well.

100_3950 (800x600)

And last but not least….I Love You to the Moon and Back…

100_3934 (800x600)

Take care friends and tell those important to you just how much you love them….


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

and I must say with some guilt that once again all I have is what I have created from PINK for Valentines Day – yes for my Etsy shop and the shop in town. I really do have good intentions to find something else not related to my shop to post – but it seems time overtakes me, and so dear friends, here are my pinks…..

100_3898 (666x800)

100_3900 (673x800)

100_3902 (800x600)

Please pop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound for a visual delight of beautiful blogs and talented participants.

Take care and Happy Pink Saturday to all of you.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be Mine….

Can it really be time for Valentine’s already? I’m so glad – Valentines are just the sweetest, aren’t they? Here are just a couple for you…

100_3887 (800x784)

100_3889 (800x744)

and a couple of tags, all in my Etsy.

100_3893 (800x600) 100_3895 (800x600)

100_3905 (800x600)


Have a wonderful day.