Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday from Under 3–4 Feet of Snow~~~

…yes, that’s right – we’re still snowing. Actually, this is pretty typical for us and I really do love it – I’m sure my husband doesn’t feel the same as I do since he does all the snow blowing, etc. He will be out there all day today! He closed up shop early yesterday, because the snow was blowing so hard - we literally were in white out all day and people were staying in and staying warm. I’ve never seen the snow so high on our deck. I’ll try to get pics today and post tomorrow or Tuesday. It really is beautiful!

Enough about that – on to Pink Saturday – and I want to thank all of you for all your inspirational comments last week. I didn’t realize they kept coming in all week, and just read the last of them today – so I will get back to you all – promise.

100_4178 (800x666) 

This is the sweetest little dish and such beautiful pink flowers and embossed edging – you can see a little bit in the photo and if you click on it maybe you can see it better. I have no idea what it was used for……….

100_4179 (800x600)

except that on this one, the person I bought it from wrote on her tag “butter pat”, so maybe the one above was also used for that purpose. I have always been fascinated with the little serving pieces used in times past.  When I was growing up, my mother had little serving pieces – like salt cells – that’s what she called them. Do you know what they are? Tiny cut glass bowls – probably no bigger than an 1 – 1 1/2” in diameter with a tiny little spoon for scooping out salt to add to your food. I just love all that! And, I inherited them – although I do not use them, maybe I will now.

Anyway, these are just the sweetest things, and as you can see I have them on hangers to hang with the platter I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

and some tags new baby tags to my Etsy – the poem on these are just so precious…

100_4186 (800x588) 

and tiny tags made from antique wallpapers and vintage Victorian ephemera…

100_4196 (800x600)

and new Easter tags…

100_4247 (800x607)

Stop by and visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to make some amazing friends and gaze upon some beautiful inspiring pinks.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!


Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s time for Pink Saturday again…

and I have a touch of Spring to share with you. This was part of my Birthday present this year – I love Tulips and especially pink ones!

100_4134 (800x600)

100_4133 (800x600)

100_4132 (800x600)

See the snow outside the window? That is what was leftover from Thanksgiving and Christmas. We NOW have several more feet of snow that just started Wednesday evening and is still going strong.

I also have some new tags to share with you…

100_3919 (800x600)



and also…


Pop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound and have some fun visiting a wonderful group of people who love pink and love to share. It’s time well spent.

Take care and try to do something each day that fills your creative soul.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Have You Been Watching…..

Papertrey Ink’s release countdowns this month? If not, you need to get on over to  Nichole Heady's Blog and check them out! Every month they put out the BEST stuff and you can’t imagine how they are going to top that – and then they do!! Do you like vintage buttons and button cards, how about doilies and cute little tags….yep and the list goes on an on. And they have a new challenge everyday where you can win the best prizes.

The challenge today is to make a tag with a frame. I decided I was going to make the tag for my sweet husband’s Valentine’s Day Gift. So, here it is…

100_4173 (719x800)

and from the side…

100_4171 (800x600)

Very simple, didn’t take long, masculine, and still has my bling!!

Take care friends and do pop over to Nichole Heady’s Blog and take a look!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Special Gift…..

from a special friend – my secret sister on SCS.  Thank you for such a fun and wonderful box of goodies and the time and effort you put into this!  It’s so much fun to get a box of goodies in the mail.

Look at all this!! Beautiful brown satin ribbon, the sweet card, pop dots and adhesive, and on and on – all things I can really use besides being so darn cute – see the little domino ornament – that will definitely be on my tree next year.

 100_4123 (800x600)

Let me just say – there is one thing missing from this photo – a Kit Kat candy bar which I opened and ate immediately, but look at this little beauty. I love the snow globe and pink snow Angie.

100_4124 (800x600)

and this cute little penguin – penguins are one of my most favorite images for Winter, along with a handmade paper clip – that will get a lot of use.

100_4125 (800x563)

and look at these adorable tags…

100_4127 (800x396)

and a very cool notebook – can always use paper for making my many copious notes….

100_4129 (800x600)

and then, who doesn’t love Basic Grey paper – the paper in this pad is gorgeous!

100_4130 (800x600)

Thank you so much Angie, I know you took this over at the last minute and I so appreciate all you have done.

Take care everyone.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

to everyone. Pop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound and look at all the gorgeous pink posts. Some of the participants are absolutely amazing. Thank you Beverly for hosting this for us.

My contribution today is a platter I found at a thrift store sometime back – and I hope I haven’t posted it before…..

100_4095 (800x600)

and a closer look at the pretty flowers…

100_4097 (800x600)

With a  little research, I found that It was made by the W.S. George Radisson Pottery Co., in the U.S.A. around 1944 and the name of the pattern is Laura Lee.

And lastly some pretty bird tags with pink flowers and ribbons…

100_4077 (800x600)

Happy Pink Saturday to you