Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Few More for Mother’s Day

Just a quick post tonight. The house is so quiet, it’s snowing outside, my husband’s not feeling well so he’s sleeping, the cats are sleeping and so is my little boy – but that’s nothing unusual for him…


I love the way their little tongues stick out when bulldogs are sleeping. I’m currently working on Mother’s Day for Lake Tahoe Holidays and also my Etsy shop, so here are a couple more cards, the sewing bits are all from Bety’s Etsy Shop, if you love beautiful collaged vintage image – drop in to see all her goodies…  The dress form is a stamp from Crafty Secrets that I stamped and cut out.

100_5669 (513x640)

100_5665 (531x640)

100_5674 (527x640)

Night all…

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Pink Saturday…

Pink Saturday is mixed with St. Patrick’s Day today at How Sweet the Sound, hosted by Beverly. Lots of pink and lots of green today, so take a few minutes to pop on over and have a look – so very much to see, and such an enjoyable way to spend some leisure time on a Saturday morning. Thanks Beverly for hosting such a fun time.

Clearly Vintage - Shamrocks

Finally, we’re having some snow. Started earlier in the month, but didn’t stay long and the storms were sketchy. This week however, we’ve had a bit or rain and now snow – approx. 5 ft. up top and a couple of feet here in town. And since I’m an airhead I did not plan for Corn Beef and Cabbage or any other lovely dinner for St. Patrick’s Day, so we’re just going to have to settle for what we have on hand (because we are not going out in this just to go to the store) ~ a spicy curried pumpkin soup with tortellini ~ kind of an odd mix, yes? But really good ~ yum!

Another little peek for Mother’s Day ~ It really is just around the corner.

100_5666 (469x640)

100_5670 (543x640)

Enjoy your weekend, Dru

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Sweetness for Mom

I’m just all over the place right now – St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, even Memorial Day and 4th of July. You think you’re work space looks bad - I have 4-5 holidays spread ALL over my area.

A couple of cards for Mother’s Day….

100_5640 (640x581)

100_5642 (640x626)

A close-up of the little flag embellishment – one of my new favorites. Just cut out a banner (or use a die if you have one), stamp your sentiment, use a little glue on a pearl top corsage pin and wrap your flag around it – hold for a few seconds until it’s secure.  I love this – did a few with red, white, and blue ribbons last year, and have been hooked ever since.

100_5648 (483x640)

I’m still working my way through some of my paper that’s been sitting awhile. I just pull out a piece of paper and make a few cards out of it each with a different theme or different embellishments. Both of the beautiful images used here are from Bety’s Etsy Shop – If you love vintage and beautiful collages check her out.

Take care


Saturday, March 10, 2012

It’s Time for Pink Saturday…

If you are not familiar with Pink Saturday, I hope you’ll take a moment to pop over the Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound and partake in the weekly event of Pink Saturday. If you love pink ~ you will love this…so many talented people in so many venues.

My offering today is a card for Easter in shades of pink, violet, and purple. Love the images of Ellen Clapsaddle ~ they are always beautiful and always sweet. A little paint, a little glitter, vintage seam binding…

100_5646 (502x640)

And some sweet Easter tags ~ also illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle…

100_5653 (640x634)

100_5654 (640x480)

100_5655 (640x480)

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Easter Tidings and Happy Pink Saturday to you…

It seems early, but really, Easter is just around the corner to speak. And that’s what I’ve been working on both for Lake Tahoe Holidays and my own Etsy shop. Shades of pink and lavender in this one…

100_5633 (640x586)

Bright pink mixed with pastel pinks, blues, etc. I kept these pretty simple…using basically the same design, just mixing up the tags and ribbon placement.

100_5638 (526x640)

And this one is pinks, lavender, and blue with a touch of violet…

100_5637 (540x640)


100_5635 (491x640)

And one last one..

100_5639 (536x640)

All these darling images are from Bety’s Etsy Shop – she has so, so many and they are all beautiful. Actually, none of these are in my shop – they all went to Keri at LT Holidays. Hop on over to Beverly’s at How Sweet the Sound to see what Pinks everyone else is up to!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!