Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Pleasures

Happy Pink Saturday to all of you. I have for the past several years now been somewhat jealous of the beautiful roses I see in the gardens of Pink Saturday participants. Until recently I have lived in South Lake Tahoe and lived in homes with very little sun due to a lot of trees, and a very short growing season. Not a good mix for roses. However, we recently moved to Southern California and I have a few places for Roses. So, I brought my little sticks with me,  planted them and am feeding them, watering them, pampering them all in the hopes that by next Spring I will see my sweet roses begin to live again. If not - I'll go buy more - but the one rose - a Cecil Brunner I have had for over 20 years and it barely survived South Lake Tahoe and is now like I said a stick - so we will see.

Anyway, in the interim, I make myself happy by creating banners to bring in some Summer florals.

If you are interested, these are available in my Etsy shop 
Happy Pink Saturday!