Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Special Gift…..

from a special friend – my secret sister on SCS.  Thank you for such a fun and wonderful box of goodies and the time and effort you put into this!  It’s so much fun to get a box of goodies in the mail.

Look at all this!! Beautiful brown satin ribbon, the sweet card, pop dots and adhesive, and on and on – all things I can really use besides being so darn cute – see the little domino ornament – that will definitely be on my tree next year.

 100_4123 (800x600)

Let me just say – there is one thing missing from this photo – a Kit Kat candy bar which I opened and ate immediately, but look at this little beauty. I love the snow globe and pink snow Angie.

100_4124 (800x600)

and this cute little penguin – penguins are one of my most favorite images for Winter, along with a handmade paper clip – that will get a lot of use.

100_4125 (800x563)

and look at these adorable tags…

100_4127 (800x396)

and a very cool notebook – can always use paper for making my many copious notes….

100_4129 (800x600)

and then, who doesn’t love Basic Grey paper – the paper in this pad is gorgeous!

100_4130 (800x600)

Thank you so much Angie, I know you took this over at the last minute and I so appreciate all you have done.

Take care everyone.



Nancy said...

Hi Dru, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. WOW, what a wonderful surprise package you got. (I would have eaten the Kit Kat first also, and it never would have made the photo! I got a lovely card last year with a Tilda with a square of Ghiradelli chocolate in her hands. Well, that came off right away. I cleaned the wrapper and cut and stacked cardboard to the size/height of the chocolate, wrapped that in the wrapper and put it back on the card. Who can resist chocolate? There will definitely be chocolate in my blog candy! Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via email such as through Feed Burner? I love it when the updates come right to my in-box!

Nancy said...

Believe me, I understand about trying to add the Feed Burner. It took me a few tries. Send me an email and I can try to walk you through it, if you want. I don't read posts in a reader because it just is not the same as seeing the lovely post. Melrosemiss@aol.com

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Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Oh how fun! congratulations!