Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wow! Has it Really Been That Long?

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I last posted. And then I wonder why no one comes to see me or leaves a comment!! Well for those few of you who do come visit me, I have a few pieces I made for Thanksgiving/Fall.

This is an image new to me this year and has become one of my most favorites – love the sweet little girl, the beautiful turkey and the gorgeous autumn colors…

I made tags~

100_6096 (640x618)

and a wall hanging…

100_6099 (452x640)

100_6100 (519x640)

and then on to some other things~

100_6095 (491x640)

100_6129 (640x480)

100_6107 (640x480)

I actually have a little more, but maybe if I don’t put them all in this posting, I’ll post again before another month goes by. Thanks to any of you that are still stopping by.

Happy Fall



sue morris said...

Hi Dru! I know...I hear ya! Seems like time just flies and before you know! These creations are absolutely beautiful!! I love the colors and the glitter. Gorgeous! Hope all is well with you my friend. *hugs*

Nancy said...

Oh Dru, what beautiful creations. Very clever.

Cindy (Stamp With Me Cindy G/Stamping Therapy) said...

These are beautiful Thanksgiving creations, Dru. I'm so glad you posted. I needed my vintage fix.