Friday, March 8, 2013

Kiss Me ~ I’m Irish

Actually I only have a little Irish in me and that’s only what I’ve been told – no proof at all.Thought maybe it was time to share some of my St. Patrick’s Day creations before the day has come and gone ~ hence the title of this post comes from this card.

100_6376 (540x640)

The stamps I used are new to me from Studio G – I bought 2 sets and am loving all the little options. A little paint ~ a little glitter on this one below.

100_6347 (640x535)

This was a fun banner to make ~ paper sacks, paper doilies, vintage images, more paint and glitter, rhinestones, chipboard, etc. And the best part ~ using up bits and pieces of paper – still mucking through it all!

100_6361 (640x480)

100_6354 (640x480)

100_6355 (640x480)

100_6356 (640x480)

I think I’ll stop here – I’ve a few more but seems it would be good to make another post out of them as I’m so prolific at posting *grin*

Take care and thanks for stopping by



Sparkly Engineer said...

This is a great banner and should attract a lot of attention

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Those are SUCH gorgeous cards - you are so truly talented!!

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day - be safe, but have some fun!

Hope to visit your sweet blog often!