Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Monday on Tuesday

How’s that for a title. I just couldn’t get around to posting this yesterday ~ but I wanted to show you what we woke up to on Monday morning…

100_6386 (640x480)

Yep ~ Happy Spring! This is so typical for us. I love it, but it sure does make for very late Spring planting and a really short growing season. We don’t even start planting until Memorial Day weekend ~ except for maybe a few very cold hardy flowers.

My husband buys me indoor flowering plants this time of year because ~ he loves me yes ~ but he also knows how antsy I get.

100_6453 (640x480)

Another Mother’s Day card to celebrate Spring

100_6431 (640x608)

With coordinating envelope

100_6451 (567x640)

take care friends, Dru


PeggyR said...

WOW snow! I certainly don't want to see anymore of that stuff! We have been in the upper 60s/low 70s. It's wonderful, too early to plant though.

Sparkly Engineer said...

I started planting the end of last week. My Nectarines are flowering and the hyacinths are blooming. Spring is here. Yah!

Really like your mother's day card and that coordinating envelope is beautiful.