Saturday, October 10, 2015

It’s a Go!

Yep, the papers are signed and we’ll hopefully be making the last run to Long Beach this next weekend. Now mind you, I haven’t even seen this home – only a few photos – but I trust my husband. We had to buy a new stove, microwave, kitchen sink/garbage disposal, toilets and vanities and my husband is busily installing them as we speak. He’s taking photos of all the before and once I’m down there, I’ll start posting the renovations. It’s been a long road – 7 months of him living there running our business and me here trying to sell the house. It has not sold and so will be going up for rent in the next couple of weeks – but I will be at the beach with Cuj – he loves the kelp!!

100_6936 (800x600)

One of the few things I will miss about living in Tahoe – Mama Bear and her 2 cubs playing and sleeping – they are so sweet…

100_7777 (800x622)

100_7963 (800x599)

A few new cards for my Etsy shop

100_7976 (608x800)

100_7977 (670x800)

100_7978 (675x800)

Just a quick note to Jennifer S – thank you so much for visiting. I have tried to get on your blog to say hello – but for some reason cannot – I’ll keep trying, but just so you know I have tried.

Take care, Dru

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Julie said...

I love the pink and silver Christmas card. Very nice!