Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Morning Visitors

Good Happy Thursday Morning!! I had some early morning visitors today - Mama bear and her 2 cubs. The cubs were playing on the deck and then decided to climb the tree and play on the roof. Mama was watching anxiously from the neighbors yard and calling them to come with her - but they decided - NO! They played for awhile then climbed back onto the tree and went to the top for the days nap. Mama is not stretched out under another tree also napping until they decide to come down. I just love them and especially love them in my yard even if they are a little mischevious and sometimes make messes - it's worth it just to have them so close.

I have included a photo of my butterfly bush that I planted last year - it made it through a freezing winter - looked like dead sticks after the snow melted in late April, but grew beautifully and looks like the butterflies really do like it.

And a rose I finally coaxed to bloom this year. This is our 2nd full summer in this house and while there were roses planted, they had been neglected. I don't know the name of this rose, but it is very large bloomed and beautiful. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Have a great day


Amy Johnson said...

WoW! You really do live in the country! Bears in your yard. Oh my gosh! How fun, I bet it makes life interesting. I read your comment about visiting your blog on splitcoaststampers. I'm a.k.a. amylovesnormajean over there. I love your flower pics. I'm a big flower gardener too. I have two acreas of perennial beds. I also live in the country, and I've heard there are bears around, but I've never seen any, just coons, skunks, deer, rabbits...the usual. Good luck on your blog!

cards4u said...

WOW - I noticed Amy started out that way too but that was the first thing that came to my mind! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics! I can see why you enjoy your new home. My parents have a fishing camp in Canada and one year there was a black bear cub on the island checking out the trash on our back porch but for this city gal that's my closest encounter with one of these guys. I think I am a country girl at heart. Yet every time we move I end up in the city. Keep sharing those photos : )
Have A Great Evening!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

OMGosh!!! How cute are these guys!!! And the butterfly/flowers ... gorgeous!! Great job on the photos ... hope you used a telephoto lens ... LOL!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!! WOW

Angelnorth said...

Not something you find in the average back yard here in the UK! Great photos, hope the bears are finding enough to eat so they don't get bothersome!

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures mom!!!

Vicki C said...

NO WAY! How cool is that!! I can belive they come right into your yard. For a girl from Nebraska it's pretty amazing to think that bears come right into your yard. Really cool!Thanks for sharing the photos.
It was really great to hear from you also.(email) and to come look at your work.. which is wonderful!