Friday, February 6, 2009

A Thank You and CardMaker Magazine

Happy Friday everyone!! Before I get started, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your well wishes regarding the DT for House Mouse. I haven't heard anything either way yet, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason, so if I'm not accepted I believe it's because it's just not the right time for me now, and I will be happy just being able to be part of the challenges. But again thanks to you all.

It's snowing lightly here and very beautiful. We're hoping to get a lot more. Living in a mountain resort town is wonderful, however you do depend on certain things in order to eek out a living. In the winter it's snow, and we haven't had enough of it this year, but hopefully our storm door is opening and we'll be able to pull this winter off. With the economy the way it is I know that so many are having hard times - we have lost several businesses in town within just the past few months, and the rest of us just take it one day - literally - at a time

On a brighter note, some months back I received notice from CardMaker Magazine that they had accepted one of my submissions. I am so amazed, honored and happy to be included in such a wonderful magazine. The name of my card is Baby Dear and is included in the March/April issue. Of course then being who I am, I was concerned that I would be a one hit wonder - and that would be the end. Happily that is not the case, another one of my cards has been picked up for future publication with CardMaker, and I have also recently been published in Somerset "Gallery" magazine. I will post that at another time.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to spend at least some time for yourself, doing what YOU love.

Take Care,


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... congratulations Dru!!! I just received my magazine and haven't looked at it yet ... I'm so thrilled for you!!! One day I'll attempt to be "published" ... just not right now. But when I do, I'm coming to you for some pointers!!!
I have lots of snow here ... shall I send some your way??? LOL!!
Have a great day my friend!!!

Gina said...

Congratulations, I know you must be excited. That is a beautiful card.

Jennifer Scull said...

oh, Dru, that is so exciting! congratulations!

I'm afraid that I AM one of the one hit wonders though, still submitting, but no one seems to want any of my cards other than the one accepted by PaperCrafts for next month. oh well. it was fun while it lasted! ;)

Carmen said...

CONGRATS DRU!!!!! How exciting for you, you deserve it girl!

Sara said...

Congratulations mom!!! I'm so happy for you. Your card is simply beautiful!!!

Scrubbysue said...

OH wow! congratulations dru!! I remember seeing that card too when I was perusing my new Cardmaker mag! How exciting!!!

Paula said...

Beautiful card and congrats on publication. You have talent. Wish I had time to try some time.

Karen from PA said...

Congratulations on being published. Your card is beautiful.