Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Fabulous Giveaway…

Want to have an opportunity to win a REALLY great giveaway. Pop on over to Umbrella Girl’s Giveaway Blog Post and see for yourself. Lucia is her name and she has a wonderful blog, just reached 600 followers and is giving away a fantastic array of items – here’s just a couple

il_570xN_192660360 - bird nest necklace

il_570xN_222297947 rose ring

il_570xN_142227822natural soap

il_570xN_265953617 ring

Nice huh?? That’s just a few – pop on over HERE and join in the fun.

Take care friends,



Michelle said...

OMG these are beautiful! the nested bird necklace and the rose ring...? wow...

Scrapping Julie said...

oh goodness. each of these are so beautiful!