Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home for the Holidays Pink Saturday

It’s been so long since I have been able to take part in Pink Saturday and I really do enjoy it. Christmas for me this year has been a bit unusual – it all seemed so overwhelming for a number of reasons I will not bore you with, but I decided to not put up a tree and to go very sparingly. In looking through a number of really beautiful blogs I’ve discovered that I am not the only one that does not get their tree up the day after Thanksgiving and has all their decorating done by December 1st and that am not able to get everything down and put away after Christmas until the end of January – what a revelation for me!!

Here are some things I did do…

Bleached some bottle brush trees in preparation for something – not sure what yet and they may not get done until next year

100_6274 (800x600) (640x480)

I love looking out onto my deck as it’s just off the family and dining room and see just a bit of Christmas especially after a light snow

100_6269 (800x600) (640x480)

Our Christmas tree this year is some branches I had previously sprayed silver and hang decorations on according to the holiday. I love these little ornaments, not sure if you can see, but they are polka dots on red and green bulbs – so cute! Since this photo, I have tucked mini lights into the container – it’s so beautiful at night.

100_6263 (800x783) (640x626)

This photo did not turn out well, but in real life it’s actually very pretty. My husband made me the candle holders a few years back and I love displaying them at Christmas

100_6267 (800x600) (640x480)

I know, I know – this is very plain and I have dressed it up a bit since the photo with more fairy lights and a bulb in the nest – it’s very ethereal looking. The tree I started making last year and finished it this year – a dear friend gave me the vintage trim you see on the bottom.

100_6266 (800x600) (640x480)

Nothing elaborate or over the top – very simple and done at my own pace as I felt like it – I really enjoy the simplicity of it it all.

And I have to show you our baby boy playing in the snow chasing snowballs

100_6260 (800x599) (640x479)

100_6261 (800x599) (640x479)

100_6262 (800x599) (640x479)

One thing in all of this - I realized that I really missed my beloved Christmas decorations and also realized that my process and some of my expectations were part of what felt so overwhelming. I’m in the process of cleaning out the closet in the guest room to make way for my pared down version of Christmas. I’m keeping only those items I truly love and that are very sentimental – all the rest – you know the ones that every year you say “Oh, I’m not putting that out this year – I don’t know where to put it, I really don’t want to take the time for that etc., etc. and then they get put back into the bottom of the box and packed away again – they are going to the thrift store or my daughter if she wants them. Only our tree (yes, a fake one) and our sweet lighted deer along with a sleigh will stay downstairs in our above ground basement. Everything else will be brought into that closet so that it’s not a big production to haul several containers upstairs and then take them downstairs usually in the middle of a snow storm or the aftermath of one blah blah blah – you get the picture I’m sure.

Take a moment and stop by How Sweet the Sound to visit with a lot of sweet people and see how they are decorating their homes for Christmas if you are still in need of some decorating inspiration.

Have a wonderful and Happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas to you and yours,



Jenny's Heart said...

Enjoy your Christmas the way YOU want to Dru. No one ever said it has to be a tree and tons of garlands etc...It is Christmas with or without a tree. No Rules :)
Merry Christmas!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year!
See ya in 2013!

Linda Ruthie said...

As FlyLady (FlyLady,net) says, if it's not used or loved, then it's just clutter. I didn't bring down all of our decorations this year and it was still lovely. Plus there's that much less to put away.
Wishing you all the best in 2013.