Thursday, September 10, 2015

All Hallows Eve

Just had to make a banner with the sentiment “All Hallows Eve” this year. Love the look of this – very simple look to it. This one is in sepia tones and black with silver glitter.

100_7945 (800x475)

100_7949 (800x600)

Before I go on, I want to send a message to Nancy because I’m not sure she will see it in her blog comments on her last entry – but she usually does stop by here to hi.  This is the link to the image you like:   Another great site for this type image is Iralamijashop on Etsy. Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words.

I’ve only made one set of ornaments so far this year, and do not know if I’ll be able to make more as I hope to start packing up my studio in about 3 weeks.

100_7936 (800x600)

And a Plaque

100_7950 (647x800)

I have about 5 more in various stages of  completion I hope to putting into my Etsy shop by this evening. This one has a great poem on it and you can see it better here in the alternate photo.

No news, we’re waiting to hear if we can get financing on the one home as we are self-employed and may not be selling our house as quickly as needed – still no bites.

Take Care and try to fit in some time for creating – it soothes the soul.


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