Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hello Again

Yes, I’m one of the worse bloggers ever – but it doesn’t really seem to matter as if anyone does stop by - for the most part they do not tell me.

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If any of you visit my Etsy shop you are probably aware that after 16 years of living in South Lake Tahoe, CA and 10 years in our current home ~ we have sold our business and opened another one in Long Beach, CA. I’m here in South Lake trying to sell our home. If you know anything about resort areas then you have an idea of what I’m dealing with. Seems a lot of other people are wanting to get out of here also. The market is saturated with homes for sale, our market is not improving as quickly as some areas so our home values are not all that great – nothing like when we bought!

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So, after 4 months on the market – nothing! What does that mean? We do not have enough money for a down payment on another house. We don’t want or dare to live in an apartment (even studios go for around $1500. per month – homes to rent start around $2500. (that’s a house payment) and of course you’re basically just throwing money away! So, the solution?

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We decided just to get our foot in the door – we would go with a manufactured home in a gated Senior Community – turns out all the homes listed had been sold for about 3 weeks before we even started looking, and they are all STILL listed as for sale even though they are not! So, start looking a little more inland – found a great family park – but nice and quiet. Several homes for sale – many we can just pay cash for, finally downsize – which is always a good thing to get rid of a lot accumulation that we don’t need, have some money left over to begin remodeling and updating with a clean slate. Now some of you may think we’re going a step or 2 or 3 down (Our home in South Lake Tahoe is very nice) but we disagree. We’re looking at all the positives with this move and are very excited.

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That being said – I will be sharing here before and after photos of all the updating, etc. that we will be doing in our new adventure. I love new beginnings and adventures – don’t you?

Happy Fall to you



Julie said...

It's wonderful to hear your positive comments and new beginnings. I can't wait to hear more. . . . best wishes to you!

Nancy said...

Hi, Dru. Isn't it womderful to have papercrafting to take our minds off other things? It sounds like you have a lot going on. Right after my divorce I bought a lovely modular in a senior community. It had 3 bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, a laundry room, dining room, two baths and a front porch with an awning to keep the neat away from the front of the home. I left after a year because I had an elderly neighbor who had no time for women living alone and he made my life miserable. There isn't a day that I do not miss that lovely home. The original owner had done beautiful plantings: roses, wisteria, hydrangeas, and my favorite, peonies. Lots and lots of peonies. Her son had added things like shoe cubbies to the closets so it truly was womderful and I miss it, especailly that I am now in an apartment. Keep your spirits up and keep looking. My best friend had a gorgeous home in Boca Raton, beautifully decorated, yet it took her a year to find a buyer. As always, your creations are lovely. I particularly love the postcard with the image of the little girl. Can you share the source? The first item is gorgeous too.