Monday, May 11, 2009

An Award.....

sent to me by Sue from Sue's Sentiments. Thank you again so much Sue, I truly am honored. Now,I get to pass this award on to 7 other very talented and deserving women whom I admire greatly. I know you will enjoy their blogs, their wit, and humor as much as I do.

And they are:
Sara at Luminous in My Chaotic Dreams
Molly at Miss Molly Creations
Paula at Crop Notes and Crafts
Amy at Amy's Creative Pursuits
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
Kris at Tres Belle
Lesly at Stamp Yourself Silly

And these are the rules:
Grab the award and place on your blog
Link back to the person you received the award from
Nominate 7 others with a link to their blog
Leave a message on their blog telling them they've been awarded

Take Care and have a wonderful Monday


Katy said...


TRES BELLE said...


Thanks so much for the Award!! How thoughful of you to think of me. I will post the award with the link back to you.

Thanks sooo much!!


Marie Reed said...

Hooray for fun awards!

Sara said...

Thanks so much, mom!